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Some photos from outreach ministries:

Recent Warriors Photos

Niagara County Fair 2012
A Bad Foundation
A Bad Foundation
If you build on sand, you will fall down
August 4, 2012

A Firm Foundation
a firm foundation
If you build on the Solid Rock (Jesus), you won't crash

Niagara County Fair 2012
Andrew Breaks a Board
Andrew Board Break
With a Kick
August 4, 2012

The Power and Penalty of Sin - Broken by Jesus
The Power and Penalty of Sin - Broken by Jesus
The breaking symbolizes how Jesus broke the power and penalty of sin

Niagara County Fair 2012
Mr. Dallmann Breaking Wood
Mr. Dallmann Breaking with a Punch
With a Punch
August 4, 2012

Mr. Dallmann Breaking Concrete
Mr. Dallmann Breaking With a Foot Stomp
With a Foot Stomp

Niagara Community Church - Fall Family Festival
Warriors of the Sword Power Breaking
Andrew Dallmann breaking wood
Andrew Dallmann breaks with his elbow
October 1, 2011

Ethan Dallmann
Ethan Dallmann breaking wood
Breaks wood using an axe kick

Niagara Community Church - Fall Family Festival
Mr. Dallmann does a three station break
Mr. Dallmann breaking wood and patio blocks
Hook kick - ox bow - foot stomp
October 1, 2011

Jared Dallmann
Jared Dallmann breaking wood
Breaks wood using an elbow smash

Forestview Church of God - Awana Kick Off
Warriors of the Sword Logo Explanation
The meaning of the Warriors of the Sword logo
Mr. Dallmann explains the meaning of the team logo
September 14, 2011

Weapons Kata (Pattern)
Do-san Hyung with Tonfas
Do-san Hyung with Tonfas

Niagara Power Baseball Game

Mr. Dallmann breaking boards
penalty of sin
Demonstrating that Jesus broke the penalty of sin

June 18, 2011

Mr. Dallmann at the Niagara Power baseball game
power of sin break
Demonstrating that Jesus broke the power of sin

Recent Warriors Videos

Niagara Power Baseball Game - June 21, 2013

Mr. Robert Dallmann on a test

Fall Festival Video Clips

Vintage Warriors Videos

Warriors of the Sword
Promotional Video Intro - Early 1990s

1991 (?) Kingdom Bound Midway Demonstration

1991 Demos & 1996 Test
Mr. Dallmann

Click Here- Kingdom Bound 1991

Click Here- Church demo 1991

Click Here Sandan break 1996

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Senior Instructor:  Mr. Robert W. Dallmann - Godan (Fifth Degree Black Belt)
Email:  robert@spreadsheetpower.com  -  Phone:  716-622-7320

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